Simple Airstream Gantry Plan + List


This simple design is for a gantry with clearances that measure 11′ wide by 12′ tall and is a suitable structure for lifting an Airstream shell from the chassis. You will need to build two gantries and then create a “backbone” structure inside the shell. The backbone will be secured to chain hoists through your vent holes and should make contact with as many ribs as possible.  Additionally, you will want to create an adequate structure on the inside of your Airstream shell to help keep the original shape and not bend or flex too much.

This design has not been reviewed by a licensed engineer. Use at your own risk. It is critical that you use hardware on both sides of structure “sandwiches” and bracing on ground supports to prevent structure separation. Your PDF download will be available immediately following checkout.

About Sammy: 
Sammy Butts is an entrepreneur, author, filmmaker, and architectural designer from Houston, Texas.  He studied Architecture from 2006-2012. In 2021, he began renovating a 1975 31′ vintage Airstream. Follow the renovation on Instagram at

About Airstream Field Guide:
During the renovation process, Sammy decided to document his lessons learned and provide a free resource for others embarking on an Airstream overhaul. Soon, you will be able to access Airstream Field Guide for free with easy link sharing, best practices, and links to the best resources online, all in one place. Advanced items and digital files, like these plans will also be available for download there, too.